Links to Reading



This page has a selection of links to various sites on the web where you can find some extra reading. The idea is to provide some text that has at least some similarities to some of the texts used for assessments. The sites open in a new window.


To help you with your reading you can open the "Cambridge Dictionaries online" site in a new window by clicking here, or enter any words you have trouble with in this search box:
Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Teachers get to make virtual decisions

Information and communication to improve school practice

Teacher Suicides and the Future of Japanese Education

Teacher shortage

Teachers need more IT schooling

You Can't Blame the Youth

Higher Education in Hong Kong under "One Country, Two Systems"

Vietnam's Education An Expatriate Teacher's Primer

English education in Japan a travesty

Teaching Integrated Writing Skills

"Language Requirements: Problem or Opportunity?"

Early Childhood Education in China

Teaching English in Japan to Chinese Students

Writing as a Learning Process in Teacher Education and Development

Bullying at work and what to do about it