Links to Pronunciation Resources on the Web

This page contains links to some pronunciation related pages on the web. Please note that these resources are all outside and the content is obviously the responsibility of the site on which they are hosted. I would appreciate any comments on these sites.

All of the sites open in a new page.



The Phonetic Chart (Interactive version of the chart from the excellent BBC site. Click on the phonemes to hear the sounds.) (The Chart) (Another version of the Chart) (An introductory article) (A page with linked sound files for consonants) (Similar page for vowels) (Some practice on transcribing text into phonetic symbols)


Minimal Pairs Practice

Connected Speech (Article and exercise on intonation and stress) (Article and exercises on changing meaning through changing word stress, also called "contrastive stress")


Other (Links to resources on the Baptist University site) (Free online phonology course) (Difficult poem pointing out difficult to pronounce English words. Quite a lot are not very common) (Dictionary with audio links for difficult words)