Value of Native English-speaking Teachers (NETs) Essay

Gap-fill exercise

This exercise contains an essay written as a response to the question; "NET teachers are a valuable resource in Hong Kong schools. Do you agree or disagree? Support your argument with relevant examples."

You can find out more about the NET scheme in Hong Kong by clicking here.

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The scheme of adopting NET teachers in Hong Kong junior schools has been started for a period of time «*Tense*. It is doubtful whether the NET teachers are helpful as a valuable resource in Hong Kong schools or not. Click here for comment In my opinion, I disagree that they are a valuable resource in Hong Kong schools. Click here for comment

NET teachers can be defined as Native English-speaking Teachers in this essay. Click here for comment They are responsible for assisting the improvement of teaching English. It is controversial that «*Wrong-Wd* the NET teachers are important in Hong Kong schools. People have their own opinions about this. Click here for comment

First of all, the time for NET teachers Click here for comment to tackle the problems Click here for comment involved is obviously not enough. It «*Wrong-Wd* is because schools have to share the NET teachers with another school. They are available in the alternative «*Wrong-Wd* weeks. Obviously, teachers cannot get help from the NET teachers if they have shifted to another school. Click here for comment

In addition, the initial aim of the NET scheme, providing an authentic environment for students to learn English, has not been achieved. This "authentic environment" must include increasing opportunities for students to contact with «*Exp* [LAST TWO WORDS] NET teachers. However, it is difficult to make such arrangement «*Plural*. To take my school as an example, only Primary 2 and 4 can have a lesson with our NET teachers in «*Prep* every other week. The chance for this "authentic environment" seems very limited. Click here for comment

At the same time, many problems were caused «*Tense* by the fact that the culture of NET teachers is very different from us «*Pronoun*. Click here for commentThey always have difficulties in adapting to the local working culture. Click here for comment For example, they don’t want to work overtime or teach at the weekend. Click here for comment Yet, it is common to have meetings after school.

According to the above-mentioned opinions, Click here for comment the effectiveness of NET scheme is «*Tense* greatly affected. I cannot agree that NET teachers are a valuable resource in Hong Kong schools. I believe that the scheme can give a certain degree of assistance on «*Prep* English teaching. Finally, I suggest that the resources of this scheme can be reallocated to the «*Art* local teacher enhancement.