Business Introductions Quiz

This is a quiz to test your knowledge of more formal business introductions.

The kind of situation you might think about is where you meet someone new over the coffee at a product launch or business presentation.


The aim of the quiz is to find out the secret word by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page. However (!) you will only be able to find out the word if you answer nine of the questions correctly. To make it more difficult the quiz will only allow you to have one try at each question. If you get more than one wrong you will have to start again (use your "Refresh" button). Good luck!


1. A common formal greeting is How do you do? What is the correct answer?

a) How are you?
b) Fine, thanks
c) How do you do?
d) John Siu Mm Hong

2. One English speaking country routinely uses How are you? as a first time greeting. It is:

a) Australia
b) The USA
c) The UK
d) Canada

3. If your name is John Siu Mm Hong you could introduce yourself by saying:

a) I'm John Siu
b) I'm John
c) John Siu
d) All of the above are OK

4. When native speakers (of English) want to ask about someone's occupation in a social setting they often ask:

a) What's your occupation?
b) What do you do?
c) What's your profession?
d) All of the above are OK

5. If you are an Assistant Marketing Manager and you are asked what your job is you could reply:

a) I'm in Marketing
b) I'm at Marketing
c) Manager
d) What's your occupation?

6. If you want to ask about someone's job What are you doing? is:

a) A correct question
b) Incorrect because it means What are you doing now?
c) Incorrect because it could mean that their job is temporary
d) Answers b and c are correct

7. When you meet somebody in a formal business context one aim is to build a relationship. You can help to do this by:

a) Being as formal as possible
b) Using contractions (e.g. I'm rather than I am)
c) Using appropriate (e.g. not too flat) intonation
d) Answers b and c are correct

8. If you want to ask the spelling of someone's family name (perhaps to enter into a phone), you can ask:

a) How to spell XXX?
b) How spelling XXX?
c) How do you spell your surname?
d) How is spell XXX?

9. When business people meet they often shake hands. Remember that:

a) Women always shake hands
b) You should shake hands for about 30 seconds
c) If you give a business card you do not need to shake hands
d) A firm (strong) handshake is important (especially for men)

10. Body language is important when meeting people. You:

a) Could smile
b) Should make eye contact
c) Should not look around the room when talking to somebody
d) All of the above are OK