Tutoring Information: Other Tutoring

As Young Learners and Business are probably the main markets in Hong Kong, I have targeted these areas specifically. However, I am certainly interested in other students. I have a lot of experience in teaching many different types of students with many different needs. I have been an examiner for a variety of public exams. Students in classes often find that the areas studied do not meet their needs and in one to one tutoring I can analyse both the specific needs of a particular student and the problems with English that they have. I also try to find activities and learning methods that suit the student, as different people have different ways of learning. To achieve all these aims it is important for the student to give me a lot of feedback on the lessons. Why not contact me to see how I can meet your needs?

One problem with adult tutoring is that sometimes learners forget that they have to make a commitment to study for themselves. The tutor cannot do it all for them. I work with the student to make specific commitments together so that they can review and use the work that we have done in class.

I have a great deal of experience of teaching English in Hong Kong and although tutoring is more expensive than class tuition I am sure that the guarantee of relevance to a student's needs, together with its flexibility and convenience, make it an attractive option.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you.