Questions for Interview Clip from Jane's Bulletin Board

This is a quiz to test your listening.

There is a link below to a four minute Real Audio video clip from a school district site in the States. (N.B. This is content from outside You can listen to the clip and answer the quiz questions below.


The aim of the quiz is to find out the secret word by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page. However (!) you will only be able to find out the word if you answer all of the questions correctly. To make it more difficult the quiz will only allow you to have one try at each question. If you get more than one wrong you will have to start again (use your "Refresh" button). Good luck!

First look at the questions to see if you can make some guesses about the correct answers, or at least identify which answers are unlikely.

Now read the background to the interview and to it by clicking here ( To listen click on the appropriate button on the page. You can listen to the four minute interview as many times as you want. (The page will open in a new window.)


1. What time of year is it?

a) Autumn ($=“Fall”)
b) Winter
c) Spring
d) Summer

2. What is the name of the theme for the month?

a) Bloom where you’re planted
b) Boom when you’re panting
c) Flowers
d) Gardens

3. The two teachers interviewed:

a) Work in different schools
b) Work in secondary schools
c) Work with different classes
d) Work together

4. What policy towards special needs students do the teachers (and the school support)?

a) Putting special needs learners in different schools
b) Integration into “ordinary” classes
c) Separation of special needs learners in the same school
d) Putting special needs students in the “Teacher of the Year’s” class

5. In the interview the participants think that special needs kids are seen by other children as:

a) A problem to have in class
b) Just classmates who sometimes need some extra help
c) Usually good to have in class but a problem in gym classes
d) Their opinion is not reviewed on the video

6. The teachers interviewed think that the parents of children in the school:

a) Could help the children grow some flowers
b) Should be more involved with the school
c) Get in the way of some school activities
d) Are heavily involved and this is a good thing