Questions for Interview "Schools Grow Electronic Eyes"

This is a quiz to test your listening.

There is a link below to an interview from a well known news site in the Sates called "Wired News". (N.B. This is content from outside You can listen to the clip and answer the quiz questions below.


The aim of the quiz is to find out the secret word by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page. However (!) you will only be able to find out the word if you answer all of the questions correctly. To make it more difficult the quiz will only allow you to have one try at each question. If you get more than one wrong you will have to start again (use your "Refresh" button). Good luck!

The interview reviews the use of surveillance cameras in schools in the USA. An event which provides background to use of cameras in schools is the Columbine massacre. If you do not know very much about this, you can read and listen to some information about this tragedy on the BBC web site. Click here to go to the page. (The page will open in a new window.)

You can also read more details on the cameras in schools story on Wired News (there are three pages on the story) by clicking here .

Now look at the questions below to see if you can make some guesses about the correct answers, or at least identify which answers are unlikely.

To listen to the interview click here and then on the link on the page (the file is an MP3). You can listen interview as many times as you want. (The page will open in a new window.)


1. The interview says that the use of surveillance cameras:

a) Should be a matter for juries to decide on
b) Is growing in schools
c) Worked at Columbine
d) Should be promoted


2. One of the disadvantages of the cameras is:

a) Students may have things to hide
b) They might not detect violence in dark corners
c) Concerns about the privacy of students and staff
d) They might decrease graffiti


3. One of the disadvantages of the cameras is:

a) That they might create an idea that students are always “suspects”
b) Students don't like them
c) They might catch people using the internet in an inappropriate way
d) They give student the wrong idea about the workplace


4. One of the disadvantages of the cameras is:

a) They might be used in “parking lots” (= “car parks”)
b) They may be ineffective
c) They can record people dying in violent incidents
d) They could have worked at Columbine


5. One of the disadvantages of the cameras is:

a) Researchers have seen students bring knives into school
b) They cannot see guns
c) Students think being watched is a game
d) Students play games to see if they can be more clever than the surveillance system


6. School managers like the cameras because:

a) The managers are seen to be addressing the problem of school violence
b) The cameras work well
c) Research shows that they might work
d) The managers are seen to be in line with the opinions of other professionals in the schools


7. One of the disadvantages of the cameras is:

a) Parents would want to see their children on the cameras
b) Schools could be blamed for not seeing that students were depressed or disturbed
c) They cannot see what students are doing in big groups
d) They might mean depressed students are disciplined for behaviour such as kicking a locker


8. Other solutions for violence discussed in the interview might be:

a) Educating students on the issue
b) Decreasing the size of schools
c) Installing computer based surveillance
d) Changing ownership of some schools


9. The overall opinion expressed in the interview is:

a) Unclear or difficult to understand
b) Generally positive towards the use of surveillance cameras
c) Generally negative towards the use of surveillance cameras
d) Equivocal towards the use of surveillance cameras