Ben's fantasy story


I felt the cold stone path under my feet, when, all of a sudden, a mounted scout, half paralysed, rode in.

Quickly I asked him what was it that did this to him. He said it was foul creatures with fangs "thousands of them coming this way".

I started yelling "Prepare for a siege! Archers on the walls, knights to their horses."

Finally they came. The knights went out. The enemies were really ugly. Some had two heads, others had one and a grotty tail. Finally I got what I had been waiting for, my first kill of this foul race. The way they died was rather strange. Instead of falling they burst into flames. The Lord fell and they started running, so we charged.

Although at the sight of another Lord they counter-charged us. Although the pike men took out most of the front row. I took my bow and my last arrow and aimed at their Lord and I got him.

In an inn an old sailor told me about a gem that was the colour of a silvery turquoise that was only found in a distant land. I hired a boat and crew. I asked the man at the inn to come aboard the ship and be the navigator.

Soon the quest was off! A rather large sea monster attacked us. Arrows and spears came flying at the monster. But it would not be slain. I grabbed my Halberd and, with all my might, I cut and it started fleeing to its home at the bottom of the sea.

We finally found the island, it was rather strange, with very odd indigenous plants and animals. Huge palm trees and monstrous crocodiles. Although the strangest thing was the soil was not brown as usual but green and the leaves were not green but purple.

The old sailor led us to the caves. They were dark and dim and damper than our ship. As we entered a torch went on and everyone jumped with fright, except for me and the old sailor. Soon we saw a green light down the cave. We started moving towards the room. It was decorated dragons and griffins engraved in gold and gems. We could see the crystal we were looking for in the corner. The crystal was so large that it took five men to carry it.

When we got out of the cave, someone fell in a quicksand pit. We tossed a rope to him and we started pulling him but he would not budge.

A dragon flew down, his name was Draco. I asked him if he could help. He said yes. He was a bright red with a silver coating.

We tossed Draco a rope, all of us clutched the rope and started pulling, with a final tug we got him out.

But there was something strange, where was the crystal and the old sailor?

Quickly I ran down to the beach and there was the old sailor on a pirate ship! Beside them was our ship, on fire!

Quickly I mounted Draco and we started flying. Draco breathed fire on the pirate ship. They started sinking. Draco plunged into the water to find the crystal. The water was very murky, with ship wrecks with the largest rusticles I had ever seen. Soon Draco had to come up for air. Then we went back down. This time the water was more of a shock on my face.

We found the crystal at last.

When ma and Draco got back the men were putting up tents. One of the men came to me, he said they were starving. I asked Draco where he got his food from. He said from a lizard farm and I asked him if he could take me there.

Minutes later we were there. It looked like a fort. Draco dived down and grabbed a very large cow. I saw large mobs of lizards chasing us, I asked if they would attack our camp. Draco said yes, although they would attack at mid-day tomorrow.

We got back soon although it was dark, the men were so hungary that they dragged the cow into the fire immediately.

After dinner the men were so grateful for their dinner that they made a special bed for Draco.

In the morning me and Draco plunged into the water again, this time for wood to build a cabin. The men started to build the cabin.

To be continued...

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