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As soon as the giant found him, he ran through the giant's legs and saw a hen laying a gold egg. Quickly he grabbed the hen and the egg and ran out of the door. It took him half of the time it took him going up the beanstalk, how long did it take him going down the beanstalk?



Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack had to take Daisy to market, the market is usually very busy, best not waste time, thought Jack.

If he walks at 3mph and it is 10 miles to the market, how long will it take him to get there?


If there are 10,000 at the market people and 5,888 go to toilet, how many are left?



Jack met a bean seller. Jack said he wouldn't take anything lower than 187 beans for Daisy. But the bean seller said 115. What is the difference in the prices?

On the way back Jack took a short-cut and it took him a quarter of the time it first took him. How long did it take him to get home?

Jack's Mum was really angry with him. If she spanked him 102 times with her canes. If a cane broke every 3 spanks, how many canes did she use?

In the morning he saw a big beanstalk growing where Jack's Mum had thrown the beans. If Jack's house had one tree ten foot tall growing next to it and the beanstalk was 1000ft tall, what was the difference? 900 ft

Jack ran down the stairs to climb up the beanstalk. If it took him hours to get a third of the way up, how long will it take him to get to the top?

Jack saw a castle. He went inside. He saw 2591 gold coins, 1259 silver coins and 999 bronze coins. What was the average number of coins?

Jack saw a giant. If it takes him 21 seconds to find a hiding place and if it takes the giant one minute to find him, how much time will Jack have to relax before the giant finds him?

Quickly Jack grabbed the axe and started chopping. If the beanstalk is 30 inches thick and Jack's axe cuts three inches per stroke, how many strokes will it take him to cut down the beanstalk?

The giant fell on the ground and broke his arm. Jack took him to the hospital and they fixed his arm. He said that he would not eat more people because they had been kind to him. He started a very successful career playing basketball when his arm was better. As for Jack and his Mum, they bought a mansion and lived in it happily ever after.


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