A few thoughts about Hong Kong

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A few thoughts about Hong Kong

Hong Kong was a British within China for over a hundred years. Whilst it started off as a relatively populated area (particularly Hong Kong island itself), the trade with China soon produced a community with a need for supporting services and, consequently, labour. Hong Kong had grown to a settlement by the turn of the century.

The wealth gap in the colony was huge (and indeed is still much larger than most Western countries would consider desirable). The cream of the Western population lived in mansions on the Peak and in Mid-Levels, whilst the poor Chinese workforce were crammed into bamboo mat constructions in what is now Western. This slum settlement must have been something of a and was presumably with rats as plague spread readily. The British authorities used the military to and destroy plague affected areas. Fires were a constant danger and the first reclamation (if it can be called that) was carried out by pushing the debris form an extensive fire into a gully (near the present Sheung Wan MTR) and building on the "reclaimed" land. This rather start was to lead to later extensive reclamation which has much of Hong Kong's original shorelines. Today Hong Kong is without doubt one of the world's most impressive urban areas. It has excellent infrastructure, boasting incomparable public transport and amenities such as arts centres, museums and facilities. The energy of the place strikes everybody who visits. Hong Kong may have its shortcomings (and where does not?) but it is an exceptional place. In the rush to develop much of 19th Century Hong Kong has been destroyed. However do remain if you know where to look, and they do serve to remind one just how far Hong Kong has come.